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The intention here is to provide a text version of the world map to locate yourself and others easily. It will include Trusler / Trussler and any other family that should be included within this domain. It will provide pointers to pages within this site as well as pointers to your own personal websites around the globe.
This site will become a collective home for all trusler / trussler sites articles, blogs and whatever else you wish to have included within these pages. It should make it easier for family and friends to find and share and communicate with us.
 Mission Statement  
   your participation is requested
 Canada  Ontario
   Nova Scotia
 Trusler - Trussler  
  This page is a compilation of names found
  on various searches for Trusslers to contact
  and include at this site.
  If you are a Trusler /Trussler please contact me
 Email Me and let me know how I can include you.
 Related Families  
   The Turner's - turner.trussler.ca
   The Howe's -  howep.com
  Unites States  
   Each of these headings should become
   it's own page full of links to Trusler / Trussler
   and other related family members.