Friday March 13th 2009 Purchased hosting plan for and  
    began roughing in folders, subdomains and email accounts for Windsor clan  
 Saturday March 14th added Kitchener and Family reunion flyer  
    Please forgive the roughish nature of the site as I am more eager to rough it in than to dwell on esthetics at this time. Beauty will come in time.  
 Saturday March 14 added subdomain for Q Learning Centre -  
 Tuesday March 17 added links and subdomain for Marc Gabbana - Gabbanafan site -  
 Saturday March 28 added links and page for Andy Jun -  
 Monday April 13 navigation change - roughed in the mapping system - created a site map - began mission statement  
 Thursday April 16 created subdomain for Turner cousins -  
 Saturday April 18 began roughing in a family tree from data collected many years ago.
created this update log so visitors will know what's her and what's new
 Sunday April 19 added family history letters to the site
Cleaned up the sloppy business - inlaw - and - friends pages found on the main page head
worked on some esthetic ideas that may be implemented soon.
   Saturday June 6  Sorry not to update for a while. I have created so much lately including several other domains including,,,,,,,,, and as well as numerous subdomains, folders and of course content for all of the above. Link research for the Trussler - Trusler page and the creation of the page with links to Trussler - Trusler's worldwide. If you are a Trussler - Trusler please make your acquaintance and I will create whatever I can to assist you in being present on the web. ( a listing , a link, a page, a site. is ours; Let's make the most of it, together. I created a new menu for the home page today and will test it for a week or so to see if it sticks. I want to keep everything as basic as possible so as not to alienate any older systems and their browsers. I think ccess is more important that flashy gadgets. I hate it when I get to a new site and my browser freezes, crahes altogether or asks me to add yet another upgrade to the system, let alone having to buy a whole new computer. I added a communication form to the main page so that you can easily send me your thoughts. I encourage you to use it and let me know what you like or don't like from time to time. Learning all this html is a challenge as well. I thought this would be easier for some reason, but I am getting used to it. PHP was a challenge for an hour or two but I got the communication form working without too much grief.  
   Monday June 8  Pomegranate and Harvey Lo in progress, Kevin Fanick form created and uploaded, Added and Trying to add details to the article on the new Buddha garden being constructed at the Vietnamese Temple on Goyea before publishing. Photos prepared.  
   Saturday July 11 2009  I am absolutely exhausted and my camera battery was too. (I can't download my images until I recharge it) so it's a shower and off to bed. I will get busy and email everyone tomorow and begin to write about and post images from the event. Thank you so much to Merlin and Thelma and Stuart and Mildred and Ms.Stover and all the people who prepared for today. I had a great time and I think i saw many others having as much fun too. It was a terrific day. See you in my pages tomorrow. michael  
   Sunday July 12 2009

 Recuperation day. I didn't realize how much Sun I had gotten meeting your all. I have only begun to sirt out all that I have. Over 3 gig of images, the binder and the George document to prepare. I will begin to upload pages a few at a time as I have them prepared. I have to resize all of the photos and scan any pages to be shared so there is a bit of a delay for you to see what I am doing. Here is a teazer image that was on display in the history display. Full size at the reunion page. Many more to come.

   Monday July 13 2009  Busy day with teaching prep, but got a large scan of the George Elizabeth document and reduced a copy for this site. Will create a page for it later . Here is the image.  
   Tuesday July 14 2009

 Put images online - unsorted, unlabelled, ... I will clean it up and add the rest of the images as I have them. The quiz is now on line and Thea is being added as well.

Created a password page to protect personal images from public view. If you have trouble getting through please email me. In fact if there are any problems anywhere please take a moment to let me know.

Scanned and converted uncle Hartley Trussler's history. Placed this info at Northbay and the 2009 Kitchener reunion sites. Scanned and restored copied images of George (1) and Elizabeth and placed them at the reunion site. if anyone has the originals, I would like to make better images for all the see and share.

   May 2010 Sorry not to keep you up to date for so long. See the new Wiki that has been created for you all. Create your own page and update it as often as you like. - michael